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Single Finger Air Duct System

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Proper air distribution is important for effective temperature control in the transportation industry. The A-1 Auto Upholstery Inc. SINGLE FINGER AIR DUCT SYSTEM evenly distributes the air output from the refrigeration unit. All encompassing, the A-1 Auto Upholstery Inc. system of ADAPTOR, CHUTE BRACE and CHUTE, were developed to prevent air loss... which would otherwise cause the refrigeration unit to short cycle. The combination of ADAPTOR, CHUTE BRACE and CHUTE, directs the air flow down the length of the trailer more effectively, assuring even distribution of temperature controlled air throughout the trailer.

Resistance to Heat & Cold

With a insulated trailers capacity to reach temperatures of -30 to 180 degrees. polyethylene becomes a perfect component choice. Good temperature resistant qualities for both hot and cold extremes on the inside of insulated trailers assures our customers of consistent performance.

Vibration Resistant

The results of air buffeting or the stress of constant vibration from the road are not a factor when polyethylene is utilized Stress is not transferred to the mounting hardware or the ceiling material on which the duct is mounted. This reduces the damage no only to the trailer... but to the entire SINGLE FINGER AIR DUCT SYSTEM

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